Merck Sponsored Fellows

Merck is in the business to meet the health needs of society through the discovery and development of innovative medicines. Our commitment to scientific innovation helps advance the health care, technology, and economies in the countries where we do business. But our mission doesn’t end there. Merck also is committed to helping address important societal needs through our philanthropic outreach around the world.

Merck’s corporate philanthropy program is guided by four strategic priorities: (1) improving healthcare access and appropriate use of medicines; (2) advancing education and research in key areas: biomedical sciences, engineering and technology, precollege science education; (3) enabling environments that support innovation, economic growth and development in a fair and ethical context; and (4) strengthening and investing in communities through philanthropic outreach and fostering employee volunteerism.

One program initiative for advancing education and research in the biomedical sciences is our sponsorship of Helen Hay Whitney Foundation fellowships. These sponsorships are made on behalf of the Merck Research Laboratories (MRL), a Division of Merck & Co., Inc. MRL is responsible for the discovery and development of products for the prevention and treatment of diseases in human and animal health.

Current Merck-Sponsored Fellows:

20 Squadron Boulevard, Suite 630
New City, New York 10956