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Adina Bailey, Ph.D.


Mendel Biotechnology, Inc.

3935 Point Eden Way

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Hayward, California, 94545, United States

Phone: (510) 259-6015

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 09/01/1998

End Date: 08/01/2017

Tania A. Baker, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

68-523 MIT

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77 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139, United States

Phone: (617) 253-3594

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 12/01/1989

End Date: 12/01/1992

Julian Banerji, Ph.D.

37 Lincoln Rd

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Lincoln, Massachusetts, 01773, United States

Phone: (781) 259-0586

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 03/01/1985

End Date: 02/01/1988

Matthew R. Banghart, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sabatini Research Group

Harvard Medical School

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Department of Neurobiology

Goldenson 342

220 Longwood Ave

Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, United States

Phone: (617) 432-5673

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 08/08/2017

End Date: 07/11/2017

Vytas Bankaitis, Ph.D.

Professor and Chairman

Department of Cell & Developmental Biology

School of Medicine

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108A Isaac M. Taylor Hall

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27599-7090, United States

Phone: (919) 962-9870

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Regulation of lipid-driven signal transduction by phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins

Start Date: 08/01/1984

End Date: 08/01/1986

Francis Barany, Ph.D.


Microbiology & Immunology

Weill Cornell Medical College

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Box 62 B-407

New York, New York, 10021, United States

Phone: (212) 746-6509

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Molecular Profiling of Colon Cancer.

Start Date: 07/01/1982

End Date: 06/01/1985

James C. Bardwell, Ph.D.

Department of Biology

University of Michigan

Deaprtment of Molecular, Cellular, and Developemental Biology

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Natural Science Building

Room 4004

830 N. University

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109, United States

Phone: (734) 764-8028

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 09/01/1989

End Date: 08/01/1992

Cori Bargmann, Ph.D.


Laboratory of Neural Circuits

and Behavior

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The Rockefeller University/HHMI

1188 York Ave (at 64th St.)

New York, New York, 10065, United States

Phone: (212) 327-7242

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Nervous system development and behavior in the nematode C. elegans.

Start Date: 08/01/1987

End Date: 07/01/1990

Margaret Baron, M.D.

Professor, Senior Associate Dean for Eduction

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

1468 Madison Avenue

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Box 1079

Annenberg 24-04E

New York, New York, 10029, United States

Phone: (917) 621-7636

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Developmental hematopoiesis; erythroipoiesis; stem cell biology

Start Date: 07/01/1984

End Date: 06/30/1987

Douglas E. Barrick, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

T.C. Jenkins Dept. of Biophysics

Johns Hopkins University

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3400 North Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland, 21218, United States

Phone: (410) 516-0409

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1993

End Date: 06/01/1996

Subhash Basu, Ph.D.

University of Notre Dame

Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

251 Nieuwland Science Hall

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Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556, United States

Phone: (574) 631-5759

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1967

End Date: 08/01/1970

Anthony D. Baughn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Microbiology

University of Minnesota

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MMC 196

420 Delaware St, SE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55455, United States

Phone: (612) 624-6190

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 04/01/2006

End Date: 03/31/2009

David P. Beck, Ph.D.

PO Box 670

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Amity, Oregon, 97101-0670, United States

Phone: (503) 835-0828

Start Date: 07/01/1971

End Date: 08/01/1974

Gregory J. Beitel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Northwestern University

Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

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and Cell Biology

Hogan Hall, Rm. 2-100

2205 Tech Drive

Evanston, Illinois, 60208-3500, United States

Phone: (847) 467-7776

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Molecular Genetics of Organ Morphogenesis

Start Date: 04/01/1995

End Date: 07/01/1996

Stephen P. Bell, Ph.D.


Investigator, HHMI

Department of Biology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bldg. 68, Room 630

77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139, United States

Phone: (617) 253-2054

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1991

End Date: 06/01/1994

Michael T. Bender, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Associate Head

Department of Genetics

The University of Georgia

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1057 Green Street

Athens, Georgia, 30602, United States

Phone: (706) 542-0529

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Mechanism of steroid hormone response in Drosophila.

Start Date: 12/01/1987

End Date: 11/01/1990

Welcome W. Bender, Ph.D.


Harvard Medical School

BCMP-Bldg C1 - 203

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240 Longwood Ave.

Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, United States

Phone: (617) 432-1906

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 10/01/1977

End Date: 09/01/1980

Daniel A. Bendor, Ph.D.

Reader in Behavioural Neuroscience

University College London

Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences

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Room 502

26 Bedford Way

London, England, WC1H 0AP, United Kingdom

Phone: 0207-679-7580

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Understanding the neuronal substrates of perception and memory.

Start Date: 04/01/2008

End Date: 03/31/2011

Philip N. Benfey, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Department of Biology

Duke University

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4101 French Family Science Center

Box 90338

Durham, North Carolina, 27708, United States

Phone: (919) 357-1743

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Plant Developmental Genetics and Genomics

Start Date: 03/01/1987

End Date: 04/01/1990

David L. Bentley, Ph.D.


Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

University of Colorado Denver

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RC1 South, Rm 10105

Aurora, Colorado, 80045, United States

Phone: (303) 724-3238

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1983

End Date: 06/01/1986

Richard R. Benton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Center for Integrative Genomics

Genopode Building, Room 3030

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University of Lausanne

CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone: ? 21 692 3932

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: We are interested in the genetic, neural and evolutionary basis of how organisms detect chemical signals, process them in the brain, and respond with the appropriate behaviour.

Start Date: 01/05/2017

End Date: 07/07/2017

Mary Anne Berberich, Ph.D.


Developmental Biology & Pediatrics

Division of Lung Diseases

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National Heart,Lung & Blood Institute, NIH

Two Rockledge Centre, Room 10102

6701 Rockledge Drive MSC 7952

Bethesda, Maryland, 20892, United States

Phone: (301) 435-0222

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1966

End Date: 06/01/1969

Arnold J. Berk, M.D.

Professor and Director

Molecular Biology Institute


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Boyer 359

Los Angeles, California, 90095, United States

Phone: (310) 206-6298

Email: [email protected]

Research Area: Transcription regulation and adenovirus vectors

Start Date: 07/01/1976

End Date: 06/01/1979

Roger J. Berry, M.D.

59 Quay West

Bridge Road

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Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 5AG, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 07/01/1962

End Date: 06/01/1965

Magdalena Bezanilla, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Biology Department

221 Morrill South

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611 North Pleasant Street

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts, 01003-9297, United States

Phone: (413) 545-2885

Email: [email protected]

Start Date: 04/01/2017

End Date: 03/04/2017

20 Squadron Boulevard, Suite 630
New City, New York 10956