2025 Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Online Application

The application deadline is Monday, June 17, 2024, 5:00pm EST.


  1. Please read the instructions carefully before attempting to complete the online application submission. Download the ‘Instructions & Guidelines’ (756kb).
  2. Download the ‘Reference Letter Template’(36kb) and forward to your four referees. This form requires submission by Monday, June 17, 2024, 5:00pm EST. All four completed reference letters should be emailed to [email protected]. No faxes. Please convert the letter to pdf format and name the pdf file according to the instructions on the ‘Reference Letter Template’. If a reference letter is comprised of multiple pages, including a cover page, please combine them into one pdf file.
  3. Download form ‘Application Items 1-6’(17kb). Upon its completion, upload it along with the other requested items.
  4. Before you click on the link below for the online application, please read the complete formatting and submission instructions.

IMPORTANT: The uploading of the zipped file should be done immediately following the submission of the 2-page application cover (it should NOT be uploaded at a later time or date).

Online Application: Click here for ‘2025 HHWF Online Application’

If you are experiencing technical problems with our online application, please email our application’s IT administrator, [email protected]AND cc Robert Weinberger at [email protected].

For all non-technical application issues, only email Robert Weinberger.

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