The corporation elects a Board of Trustees of not more than eleven members at its annual meeting. Full power in the management and control of the affairs of the corporation is vested in this Board, which holds two stated meetings a year. An Executive Committee acts for the Board in the intervals between meetings.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is the responsibility of a Scientific Advisory Committee and is under its continual review and evaluation. The day-to-day administration of the fellowship program is the responsibility of the Administrative Director, who reports to the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The Officers and Board of Trustees of the Foundation are:

Averil Payson Meyer President
Lisa A. Steiner, M.D. Vice President
Stephen C. Harrison, Ph.D. Vice President
Stephen C. Sherrill Treasurer
Thomas M. Jessell, Ph.D.
Payne W. Middleton
Thomas P. Sakmar, M.D.
Carla H. Skodinski


The members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are:

Stephen C. Harrison, Ph.D.
David J. Anderson, Ph.D.
Daniel Kahne, Ph.D. Harvard University
Philippa Marrack, Ph.D. National Jewish Health, Denver
Markus Meister, Ph.D. California Institute of Technology
Barbara J. Meyer, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Julie A. Theriot, Ph.D. Stanford University Medical School
Jonathan S. Weissman, Ph.D. University of California, San Francisco
S. Lawrence Zipursky,Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
The Administrative Director of the Foundation is
Robert Weinberger